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FreeMind 0.9.0

FreeMind FreeMind 0.9.0

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FreeMind Editor's Review

FreeMind is a freeware mind-mapping package. Mind-maps are pictorial representations of ideas and concepts. A mind-map consists of "bubbles" called nodes, each representing a particular concrete or abstract item. These nodes are then connected together with lines that indicate the relationships between the concepts. Mind-maps can be a powerful way to communicate information, encourage participation, and inspire new insights. They are immensely versatile, suitable for all kinds of different situations, and can be used across many different age groups and ability levels. A teacher introducing a subject to a class of children could use a mind map; a group trying to devise a new product could use a communal mind-map to share and inspire creative ideas; a student writing an essay could start by mind-mapping all the important elements of the topic.

FreeMind lets you create detailed multi-media mind-maps on your computer. FreeMind is incredibly flexible, with a wide range of colour formatting options and ready-made icons that simplify the process of making a mind-map. FreeMind allows you to add hyperlinks and links to images or text documents to your map. You can also export your maps in various digital document, image and web formats, including HTML, JPEG and PDF.

FreeMind does have some drawbacks. In particular, you must enter each node by hand or using a hot key. This could rapidly become frustrating and is at odds with the intuitive ethos of mind-mapping. Adding the nodes with a drag-and-drop interface would be preferable.

Pro's: Flexible, versatile, free.

Con's: Rigid, non-intuitive interface.

Conclusion: FreeMind is an excellent free mind-mapping package with countless different applications, let down by the lack of a good interface.

FreeMind Publisher's Description

FreeMind is a premier mind-mapping software written in Java.

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